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Do girls steer clear of a scientific career?

Published on 5 March 2020 at 09:52

Based on their abilities, more girls could choose careers in science. But they don't, even though failing to do so means missing out on lucrative and prestigious careers with a high level of job security. So why do these talented girls still not go for those study programmes and what can we do about it?


Read about it (in English): https://www.radboudrecharge.nl/en/article/do-girls-steer-clear-of-a-scientific-career

Read about it (in Dutch): https://www.van12tot18.nl/mijden-meiden-b-ta-loopbanen-genderverschillen-in-loopbaankeuzes-door-sociale-verwachtingen


This article was published in Van twaalf tot achttien (Dutch) and is based on the scientific article I wrote 'Gender norms and STEM'.


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